Saturday, July 4, 2009

Download Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 Final + Keys at High Speed

Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 - is a universal means of information protection. The program provides not only antivirus protection but also protection against spam and network attacks. Also, components of the program allows to protect your computer from unknown threats and Internet fraud, computer users to control access to the Internet. Comprehensive protection is provided on all channels and information transfer. Flexible any component maximizes Kaspersky Internet Security adapt to the needs of a specific user.

New protection:
пїЅ The Kaspersky Internet Security to integrate the control programs, which together with the proactive protection and network firewall provides universal protection against any threats. Component registers the acts committed by the programs in the system, and regulate their activities on the basis of the degree of confidence assigned to them. Component controls access to personal data the user to the parameters and objects for the operating system, but also prevents the implementation of programs of dangerous actions in the system.
пїЅ The new IM-Anti-Virus provides security to work with the majority of programs for quick messaging. Component checks the messages for malicious objects.
пїЅ Implement a mechanism to launch third-party programs in a protected virtual environment - a safe environment. Run the Internet browser in a secure environment, ensures the safety of viewing of web resources, including protection against penetration of malicious programs on your computer and protect user data from unauthorized modification and deletion, as well as the option to remove all objects acquired for the session on the Internet: Temporary files, cookies, history of visits to Web pages, etc.
пїЅ The Kaspersky Internet Security enabled module checking references, which is managed by the Web Anti-Virus. The module checks all links located on the web page, membership of a suspicious and fishingovym Web addresses. The module is embedded in the web browser Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox as a plug.
пїЅ Control access to fishingovye web sites and protection from phishing attacks carried out by checking references contained in messages and web pages, and when you try to access Web sites on the basis of fishingovyh Web addresses. Check for membership in the base fishingovyh Web addresses available for Web-Anti-, IM-Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam.
пїЅ In the task list checking added a new tool - to search for vulnerabilities, which makes it easier to find, and elimination of security threats and vulnerabilities in the programs installed on your computer and operating system settings.

New interface:
пїЅ Implemented a new approach to the management of protection - protection center. Protecting your computer is provided in three areas: personal data files and user objects operating system and programs installed on your computer, as well as work on the network. For each area of responsibility to protect its own set of components of Kaspersky Internet Security. Using the center of defense, the user can assess which component is involved in the protection of certain categories of resources, and to move quickly to set its parameters.
пїЅ New section control of the program provides quick access to the management of security settings that help prevent the execution of the programs are dangerous to the system of action and control access to your personal data. It also implemented the launch of programs in a safe environment.
пїЅ Wizards and tools to help solve the specific task of ensuring the security of your computer, available in a separate section of Security +.

As the menu activation Kaspersky 2010 not through code, but through the key. To be able to activate any of the key KIS8.
1) Go to the license manager - activate a new license (first remove the old licenses).
2) enter this beta code, T1JVS-NNMBD-K1QTN-SUBP8, it displays an error.
3) In the new window appears in the string file path to indicate the key to your key.

OS: Windows All
Language: English
Activation: Keys
Size: 63.01 Mb